Custom Clearing Services

KKREX international logistics and services is issued with own Customs House Agents (CHA) License by Mumbai Customs and offers unparalleled Custom Clearing Services. It is our endeavor to enhance our customer's satisfaction by offering them right solution at right time. The services include:

Import Customs Clearance, i.e. HSN classification, rate of duty, preparation of bills of entry, processing the customs clearance, assessment, customs examination and obtaining customs out of charge and arranging dispatch, delivery to the destination. Export Customs Clearance i.e. Preparation of shipping bill (on the basis of shippers letter of instruction), classification under various Export Promotion Schemes viz. MEIS, Advance Authorization Duty Drawback etc , receipt of goods, measurement, weightment as also marking, labeling processing customs clearance, customs examination and obtaining customs out charge and handling over international carriers.

Consultancy Services: Provides advises regarding Current Exim Policy, BTN Tariffs, Duty structures, Available Duty Exemptions, Notifications, Licensing requirements, Mandatory Certification requirements, Duty Refunds, Drawback claims, MEIS , SVB registrations,order renewals and Finalizations , Any other matters pertaining to Import & Export Customs Clearance of goods